Could Nanotechnology Cure Caner?

Caner is one of our worst enemies. It kills millions of people every year and we have very ineffective ways of dealing with the monstrosity. When it really comes down to it cancer is only needless cells in our body. These cells form tumors inside of us and eventually cause health risks. We have no way to effective dispose of these cells without causing harm to ourselves in most cases. The usage of nanotechnology for cancer treatment offers some exciting possibilities. This includes the possibility of destroying cancer tumors with minor damage to tissue and organs. We could also use this technology for the detection  and elimination of cancer cells before they even form tumors.

How would the use of nanotechnology accomplish this?

There are a few ways that nanotechnology can help us accomplish this goal. The method that scientists today think has the most promising success is the use of nanobots. Nanobots are robots but extremely small. One day scientists believe that we can program these robots to go through the body without causing harm and destroying all of the cancer cells in out body even before they become harmful to us. Another form of treatment may be a for of therapy similar to chemotherapy but have nano-materials within the solution formulated to kill cancer cells. Even today they are trying to improve chemotherapy using nanotechnology but they have not found any breakthroughs yet.

Nano Batteries are the Future of Energy Storage

For years we have been storing energy in very insufficient batteries that cannot store a ton of electricity and now thanks to nanotechnology we are eventually going to be able to create nano batteries. Nano batteries are very compact batteries down to the molecular scale and because they are so compact they can store a ton more energy.

Nano technological Scientists like Ray Kurzweil believe that we will have advanced nano batteries by the year 2030 and the amount of energy they will be able to store will exponentially rise every year. We actually already see nano batteries being used today.  There used in devices such as iPods/iPhones/iPads and they are also used in various devices like watches, and even some Portable computers like laptops and netbooks. But just imagine what these batteries will be like in 20 to 30 years and how much energy they will be over the store.batteries

The more and more we learn about the carbon structure and how we can implement them at the batteries the better the nano batteries will become.  Some scientists even predict that we will have a battery that will be up to run a car for a full week! Imagine how that would impact the car industry and even any transportation industry like airplanes and trains and even space travel throughout the universe.  Nano batteries could ultimately change our lives.

We really need an alternative to the fossil fuels and nano batteries could provide strong enough batteries and fast enough charging so that we could just use electricity we already have hybrid cars but their batteries are very weak and a partially run on gas.  Some of our cars are electric but they can only hold a certain amount of energy because the battery takes up too much space the car or is just too insufficient.  I even think that someday we could have cars with solar panels on the so the battery charges outside so you can drive. The nano battery would be so powerful that it could almost never have enough energy.  I believe that someday we will never have to buy gas again and it will all be a electric and mostly solar powered.

Nano batteries are truly the future of energy storage and they’re going to greatly impact our lives in the 21st century and beyond.  Our world is becoming too dependent on fossil fuels and we need more advanced electrical appliances to take us further.

Carbon Nanotubes- The Future of Metals

Ever since medieval times, we as humans have always sought out to find the strongest metal to construct things with and in the future so it is predicted that carbon nanotubes will be the strongest metal.

First off carbon nanotubes are a nano-structure that is comprised entirely of the elemental carbon.  The carbon is not what makes a nanotube unique; it is how the carbon atoms are arranged within the structure.  The carbon nanotubes are cylindrical and they extend like a tube.  When you have enough carbon nanotubes placed together you get a metal sheet that is about 10 times stronger than steel and a little less than half of the weight. In the Industrial Revolution, the invention of steel changed almost everybody’s way of life.  We can compare the product of carbon nanotubes to the revolution of steel back in 1800s.  It will have just as much as an impact on the adventure steal, if not more of an impact on our lives than steel.

It will completely transform our lives and a material like this will do to our modern economy and the way people live.  It will completely transform our lives and make life on earth different for humans.  Carbon nanotubes will change our ways of transportation and our use of energy.  Energy because it is lighter than steel we will conserve a lot more gas, and transportation because we will make more powerful machines by using a better material.

In the Industrial Revolution, the invention of steel changed almost everybody’s way of life.  We can compare the product of carbon nanotubes to the revolution of steel back in 1800s.  It will have just as much as an impact on the adventure steal, if not more of an impact on our lives than steel.

Looking into the future another way that carbon nanotubes could potentially bring to our lives is if we implement them into robotics and into computers.   If we implement a metal as strong as carbon nanotubes into robotics and computers, imagine the efficiency of the computer parts?   We probably wouldn’t directly use the metal that raw carbon nanotubes make but scientists are discovering more and more different variations that carbon nanotubes can be used as.  For instance we have found a structure that is very similar to a carbon nanotube that is a better conductor of electricity than copper.

Carbon nanotubes will ultimately lead to space travel throughout the universe.  We cannot travel the universe with very weak metals because of either intense heat or intense cold.  We could eventually use carbon nanotubes on space shuttles to travel throughout the universe because of their diversity and strength.

Carbon nanotubes are very costly now to produce, but once we mass-produce carbon nanotubes in nano-factories (in around 30 to 40 years) the price of nanotubes will greatly decrease and will be more open to the public. Carbon nanotubes will revolutionize the human race and how we live our lives!

Buckyballs- The Molecular Structure of Our Future

In the universe, different molecules have different structures. The structure and the different atoms make it what it is. For instance, a water molecule (H20) has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  It also has a V like shape and those properties are what makes it water.  With nanotechnology, scientists can manipulate different atoms into customizable shapes to create new structures and therefore new things.  One of these structures is the carbon buckyball.  A buckyball is a soccer ball shaped carbon structure with 60 carbon atoms.  If you combine enough buckyball structures together it would be twice as hard as a diamond.    A diamond’s structure is very similar to that of a buckyball, but the buckyball is more compact which makes it stronger.

They can be used for multiple reasons.  Computer parts, cars, machines, militaristic and universe exploration purposes.  Buckyballs are going to play a key part in nano-materials and we will probably start seeing buckyball products and materials being massed produced.  Just this one nano-structure once mass-produced will have a ton of impact on the world but imagine when we find new, maybe even more advanced nano-structures! The simple structure of buckyballs is going to have a ton of impact on humanity’s future and possibly change our lives forever.  Just another great benefit that Nanotechnology will convey to the world!

Reverse Engineer The Human Brain!

Another incredible advancement in nanotechnology could be the discovery of how to reverse engineer human brains.  A reversed engineered brain will be a lot stronger than our brains now.

We will be able to think and remember everything like computers.  We will literally have photographic memories.  With the advancement of storage devices that we see today, we will be able to store all of the information required. By reverse engineering the brain our thinking compcity will quadruple and exponentially grow as we gain more knowledge of parts and software for ourselves.

Eventually, we will be able to access the internet through our brains and download and record information.  We will be able to re-engineer the brain from the bottom up with microscopic nanoscale computer parts.  Ray Kurzweil thinks this will be one of the keys to unlocking the door to immortality.  With the brain a thousand times faster, we will be able to m.ake even more amazing scientific discoveries.