Will Nanotechnology make People Immortal?

The medical possibilities of nanotechnology are amazing, but some scientists and futurists believe that it will lead to the greatest medical breakthrough of all time “immortality.”

One of the greatest scientists and futurists in the world -Ray Kurzweil – believes that nanotechnology will be able to make humans immortal by around the year 2040.  He thinks that by that time we will have nanobots that will scout out organs and cells that need repairs and simply fix them. By doing that it will lead to long extensions of human’s lifetimes.  With this kind of work going on now, Kurzweil says that by the mid-2020s we’ll be adding a year to our life expectancy with every year that passes. “The sense of time will be running in and not running out,” he added. “Within 15 years, we will reverse this loss of remaining life expectancy. We will be adding more time than is going by.  And in 35 to 40 years, we’ll basically be immortal.  I think that even the thought of immorality is very scary.  I think some people would actually want to die, instead of living forever.  Ray Kurzweil also said that immortality, once invented would pose a ton of complication to the entire world.  I believe this to be true also.

Another incredible advancement in nanotechnology could be the discovery of how to reverse engineer human brains.  A reversed engineered brain will be a lot stronger than our brains now.  We will be able to think and remember everything like computers.  We will literally have photographic memories.  With the advancement of storage devices that we see today, we will be able to store all of the information required.  Eventually, we will be able to access the internet through our brains and download and record information.  We will be able to re-engineer the brain from the bottom up with microscopic nanoscale computer parts.  Ray Kurzweil thinks this will be one of the keys to unlocking the door to immortality.  With the brain a thousand times faster, we will be able to make even more amazing scientific discoveries.

The possibilities of nanotechnology are endless and as we enter this brave new world of discovery the human race with be voyaging one step closer to immortality.  Immortality will change all of our lives and at the same time improve them.  I truly believe that nanotechnology is the next revolution of science that will take us to places our ancestors could never have dreamed possible and as Gene Roddenberry from Star Trek said, “To boldly go where no man has gone before”. Immorality if it ever becomes real will be the biggest scientific breakthrough in the history of mankind!